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Nanoshape T250

 Ultra Precision Turning Machine (Nanoshape T250)

Nanoshape T250 is a highly stiff & precision turning machine, developed by CMTI, capable of Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) & Ultra precision hard turning equipped with state of the art technologies for producing non-ferrous, ferrous and IR material components with optical quality surface finish (surface finish in the order of few nanometers and form accuracy in sub-micron range). The Nano level surface finishes achieved on components are in the magnitude of ≤ 2 nm Ra*. The machine has excellent static, dynamic and thermal behaviour and has accuracies in order of nanometres.

Salient Features

  • High Stiff Hydrostatic Oil Bearing Slides
  • Ultra Precise Aerostatic Spindle
  • Natural Granite Bed with Vibration Isolation System and active leveling
  • Independent Slide configuration
  • Open Architecture Motion Controller with Adaptive Control Technology
  • Integrated chiller for Thermally stable slides and spindle

Major Specifications:




Ultra-Precision three axes (X,Z,C) CNC Turning machine

Machine configuration

 “T” axes configuration

Swing Capacity

200 mm

Machine Base

Natural Black Granite base

Vibration Isolation

Isolated-dual frames for the Granite base and optimally located pneumatic isolation system with active levelling

Control system

Open Architecture Motion Controller with Adaptive Control Technology

Programming resolution

0.1 nm

X & Z Slides

Hydrostatic Bearing, Linear Motor Driven Slides


Aerostatic Bearing, driven by Integral Frameless, Brushless DC motor


Functional performance on Aluminium

Surface Roughness (Ra) < 2 nm, Form Accuracy (P-V) < 0.3 micron for 75mm diameter of convex sphere (ROC-250mm)

Machinable Materials

Non Ferrous by SPDT: Aluminium, Copper, Brass, polymers, IR crystals like germanium & silicon,

Ferrous by CBN: Precision turning of hardened steels upto 58 – 60 HRC


  1. Metal Mirrors for Space & Astronomical Systems
  2. Mirrors for Electro-optical systems
  3. Dies and Molds for LED Photonics & Mobile Camera lenses
  4. Molds and lens for Ophthalmic, Intro-ocular & Contact lenses for Medical Sectors
  5. Lenses for Night Vision & Thermography
  6. Ultra Precision Mechanical Components


*For detailed information, kindly refer the Product Brochure of Nanoshape T250

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