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  • To acquire and assimilate Sensor development technologies and Sensor manufacturing technologies in particular
  • To provide Sensor Design, Fabricate, Characterisation, Packaging facilities and measurements services to user industry
  • Training programmes on MEMS and its application
  • Opportunities for Industries and academia to undertake applied R & D on MEMS Technology in collaboration with CMTI


Facilities available at CMTI:

  • MEMS Devices (sensors and actuators) Design, Analysis and Simulation facilities using Coventorware Software
  • MEMS device Fabrication facility with PECVD, FIB Lithography System
  • MEMS device Characterisation facility with Optical Profiler, Atomic Force Microscope, Ellipsometer, Confocal Microscopes and FIB + FESEM Dual System
  • MEMS Pressure Sensor kit to facilitate various types, ranges of MEMS Pressure sensors and acquaintance of its working principles


Activity profile of Sensor Technology includes:

  • Integration of MEMS sensors with Data Acquisition and Virtual Instrumentation
  • Integration of MEMS sensors with Siemens PLC, MatLab and OPC server
  • Acquisition and analysis of machine tool vibration data using different types and ranges of MEMS Accelerometers
  • Acquisition and analysis of machine tool temperature using pyrometer


Ongoing Research projects:

  • Real-time Measurement of Machine Tool Vibration for Adaptive Control
  • Design and development of Abrasive Flow Finish machine
  • Development of Nano Resolution Non-contact type MEMS/NEMS Parallel plate Capacitive Displacement sensor with signal conditioner suitable for Machine tool applications
  • MEMS Sensor for the Measurement of Machine Tool Slide Thermal Deformation / Spindle growth
  • Development of Nano Resolution MEMS/NEMS Force Sensor with signal conditioner suitable for Machine tool applications

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