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Research and Development

Currently, the following projects are being undertaken:

  • Development of Micro Stereo Lithography System:
  • Design & Development of a Intelligent Ultra precision Turning machine
  • Development of Thermal Error Compensation Modules for Ultra Precision Machines
  • Design and Development of Laser Dressing System for Ultra Precision Grinding Machine
  • Silicon Nano machining in Ductile Regime
  • Development of Technology for Nano Composite Structure using CNTs and Ceramics
  • Application of MEMS in Machine Tools
  • Nano Manufactured coating and Lubricant using programmable Nano particles for Machining
  • Development of Abrasive Flow Machining System
  • Determination of Nano-Scale Feature Dimensions Using Imaging Tool
  • DST Project on “Hard Turning of Hard Chrome plated surface”

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