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CNC caters to the need of Small & Medium scale industries in undertaking “Technology Development” Projects. One of the major activity is machining of complex jobs upto 5 axes. The department has in-house capability for modelling and tool path generation of critical jobs.

Facilities available in CNC Deptartment include:

  1. 5-axis Machining Centres
  2. An FMS built around 2 Horizontal Machining Centres, Loading/unloading Station, Rail Guided Vehicle, 13 pallet together with tool presetter and Tool Management software.
  3. Turn/Mill Centre with 12 Station Turret
  4. Two CNC Lathe with 12 Station Turrets
  5. Vertical Machining Centre
  6. CMM for inspection and measurement


Technology Development projects include:

  1. Machining of Globoidal Cams, Geneva Cams, Drum Cams etc.
  2. Hydraulic Filter elements.
  3. Turret bodies for Machine Tools
  4. Magnesium Gear Box Housings
  5. TV Coil Forming Die etc.
  6. Aircraft Structure Component
  7. Impeller
  8. Inducers
  9. Propellers



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