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Major activities portfolio of NMTC has been divided broadly into four categories:



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Nano Product Development


Current developmental projects include:


  • Nano mechanism and positioning systems
  • Design and Development of high stiffness nano positioning servo drive systems
  • Development of high precision spindles and slideways for ultra precision machines
  • Intelligent Ultra Precision diamond turning machine for nano level surface accuracies
  • Microstereolithography system for 3D micro structure fabrication
  • Abrasive Flow Machine for nano finishing of components



Nano Materials

Development of nano structured materials for nano applications including the product of nano powders, carbon nano tubes and nano fibres are being undertaken. Some of the intended applications include dimensionally stable material coatings for machine tool applications like guideways aiming at nano level precision, composite structures using CNTs and ceramics and so on.


Micro/Nano Fabrication

CMTI is one stop hub for all the nano fabrication facilities. Apart from our research, we also offer facilities on our state of the art equipments like Focused Ion Beam Machining, Femtosecond Laser machining, Microstereolithography, Intelligent Ultra Precision Diamond Turning Machine, Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition system, High speed micro machining, Micro EDM, Ball Mill, Abrasive Flow Machining, Electron Beam Machining .



Nano Metrology and Characterisation

NMTC has an array of equipments for characterisation of materials and standards. CMTI lab is NABL accredited for calibration services. The following equipments are used for material characterisation: Field Emission SEM, Nano Indentor, Atomic Force Microscope, X-Ray Diffractometer, Confocal Microscope, Raman Spectroscopy9 and Ellipsometer.
Calibration facilities include: Surface Profiler, Form Tester, Ultra Precision CMM, Optical Profiler, Length Measuring Machine, Flatness Interferometer and Gauge Block Interferometer.



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