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XI Plan Projects

Projects taken up by CMTI under XI Plan are

  1. Nano Manufacturing Technology Centre(NMTC)
  2. Academy of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AEAMT)
  3. Digital Design Centre(DDC)
  4. Applied Mechatronics Integration Facility(AMIF)
  5. Advanced Machine Tool Testing Facility(AMTTF)

Nano Manufacturing Technology Centre (NMTC)
CMTI is establishing Nano Manufacturing Technology Centre (NMTC) under the XI Plan as a part of Nano Technology initiative at its existing location in Bangalore.
"Propagating and facilitating absorption of nano technology in the manufacturing domain in Indian Industry and enabling Indian manufacturing sector to be globally competitive in Nano Manufacturing"

  • Create Nano Fabrication and Nano Metrology facilities
  • Develop Nano products and Nano Control systems
  • Enable the interested Indian manufacturing sector to undertake Nano integrated manufacturing
  • Provide a platform for industry and academia to undertake Collaborative R&D in Nano integrated manufacturing
  • Provide services to industries in Nano Manufacturing Technology Areas
  • Knowledge sharing through training programmes in Nano Manufacturing Technology


Academy of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AEAMT)
AEAMT is a new initiative at CMTI with the objective of generating qualified human resource in advanced technologies of manufacturing domain.
The academy would offer specially designed core technology programmes with a heavy focus on experiential learning through hands-on experiments, participation in live industry oriented R&D projects and shop floor exposure to make the participants "Job Ready". The existing advanced manufacturing and related laboratories would form a part of the infrastructure of the Academy
"Foster research, generation of know-how and application of knowledge and technology in the Manufacturing Sector through supply of Qualified and Trained Human Resource with an international outlook"

  • “Technology Generation and Practical Deployment for enabling industries to face global competition” as opposed to “Technology Acquisition and Adoption”
  • Provide an integrated, effective and practical platform for
  • Qualified manpower development
  • Helping industries to try out technology and encourage entrepreneurial spirit
  • To foster technology generation, proving, demonstration, incubation , transfer and facilitation in absorption
  • Create facilities for teaching, training and research & development work for post-graduate studies in various fields of manufacturing technology
  • Link up with national and international colleges/ universities of excellence to impart the education, maintain quality & content of curriculum and award degree certificates in post-Graduation / Doctorates
  • Provide facilities for international and national subject experts to stay, teach and conduct research projects / programmes on mutual exchange and recognition basis

Programme Approach

  • Finishing school concept with post-graduate applied R&D focus
  • Programmes heavily supplemented with exposure to industrial environment and extensive hands-on R&D projects
  • Applied R&D projects with guidance from institute's experienced scientists utilizing the advanced manufacturing facilities and specialized laboratories at CMTI
  • Joint applied research programmes with academia and industries

Programme Streams

  • Post Graduate Diploma courses
  • Post Graduate degree courses
  • M S Programmes
  • PhD Programmes
  • Short term training Programs – Scheduled, Corporate and In-House

Programmes are open to:

  • Fresh graduate engineers
  • Industry sponsored practicing engineers
  • Faculty from academia
  • M.Tech students - Identified applied research projects as part of their course curriculum
  • Post graduates who wish to pursue PhD programmes in manufacturing

Programme Implementation
CMTI collaborates with leading Indian and International Academic Institutions, Industries, Professional Associations for

  • Curriculum & Content Formulation
  • Customised / Corporate Programmes
  • Adjunct faculty
  • Guides for research work
  • Issue of co-branded certificates / Degree


Digital Design Centre (DDC)
"To propagate Advanced e-Manufacturing in Indian Industries"


  • Create facilities for Advanced e-Manufacturing.
  • Centre of Excellence for PLM/PDM
  • Application of advanced Integrated Product Life Cycle and Database Management tools – PLM, PDM, Factory Flow and Plant Simulation
  • Assist Indian Industry in Planning and Simulating new Integrated and Automated Factories.
  • Propagate concept of Concurrent Engineering and total integration from Design to Manufacturing
  • Create platform for Industry & Academia for collaborative applied R & D
  • Knowledge sharing through training programmes in the Digital Design & related areas

Digital Design Laboratory – Centre of Excellence with softwares running on various platforms

  • Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)
  • Product Database Management (PDM)
  • Simulation
  • Virtual Manufacturing
  • Design Analysis
  • Product Design & Engineering (Virtual Prototyping)
  • Design Validation


Applied Mechatronics Integration Facility (AMIF)
AMIF is created with the an objective to

  • Assist Indian industry in factory automation, robotics, performance enhancement of products / systems and allied integration activities
  • Development / consulting of mechatronics related devices / equipments / systems for industrial deployment
  • Applied R&D – Technology incubation, prototyping, product development, try-outs, simulation, etc.
  • Training programmes on mechatronics & related fields
  • Opportunities for industries and academia to undertake applied R&D in collaboration with CMTI

Facilities available under AMIF are

  • Design facility with expertise to design, develop mechanical, electrical, hydraulics/ pneumatics and electronic controls system, sensor integration with data acquisition and virtual instrumentation with all the necessary hardware and software tools
  • Machine Vision laboratory comprises of various types of cameras catering from low end to high end applications, special lightings starting from simple LED ring light to structured laser projectors, optics that caters up to high precision metrology requirements, Brightfield microscope and nano positioning stages for specific research project, differentimage processing platforms etc. It provides unique solution for automated inspection requirements of industry with team of vision experts, be it dimensional metrology or defect identification.

Activity profile of AMIF includes development of

  • Smart Machines
  • Vision based solutions to industries
  • Automation Systems
  • PC based controllers, Data acquisition systems for test rigs, machines etc
  • PLC/ SCADA based controllers for SPMs
  • Parallel Kinematic Machine (PKM) that involves understanding the design concepts from M/s Exechon, Sweden and build a prototype in-house.


Advanced Machine tool Testing Facility (AMTTF)
This project is being carried out jointly with Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers‟ Association (IMTMA).
For details, kindly visit www.amttf.in



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