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Ultra Precision Engineering

Micro Machining Facility
The Ultra-Precision Engineering division is equipped with micro machining facilities with state-of-the art equipments / machines for fabrication of components with miniature features. The need for micro machining arises from the miniaturization of various devices is Science & Engineering such as micro filters , drug delivery system, micro needles & semi conductor devices etc. The micro machining services are offered to Indian industries through consultancy, services & training.

The Ultra-Precision Engineering division is equipped with:


  1. Ultra Precision 5-Axes CNC Micro Machining Centre – KERN Evo
  2. Micro Wire Electro Discharge Machine – AGIE Excellence 2F
  3. Hard Turn-Mill Centre – HARDINGE 8/51SP
  4. Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine – Kellenberger 1000U-175
  5. CNC Milling Machine –Schaublin 33-CNC
  6. Precision CNC Lathe – Schaublin 125 CNC
  7. Precision Surface Grinding Machine – Tripet S.A.




Contact: N Balashanmugam, Joint Director K Niranjan Reddy, HOD
E-mail : balashanmugam[dot]cmti[at]nic[dot]in niranjan[dot]cmti[at]nic[dot]in


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