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Tools And Tooling

Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI) has developed expertise over the last two decades in offering customized solutions in the areas of cutting tools, moulds & dies, jigs and fixtures, machine elements like ball screws etc. Typically, a customized solution involves study of the customer problem, evolving alternate design / methods to solve the problem, interaction with customer, preparation of detailed designs, manufacture, tryout and testing. CMTI offers total solutions in the following areas

  • Cutting tools and tool holders of special requirements moulds and dies
  • Machine tool accessories and attachments
  • Machine elements like ball screws, linear guide ways, worm & worm wheel, duplex worms and drives
  • Jigs and fixtures including modular and unitized fixtures for CNC machines
  • Automation devices for job loading, inspection etc.
  • Quick change tooling / fixtures for JIT environment
  • Testing of cutting tools grinding wheels as per national and international standards
  • Evaluation of machinability of materials and machining process
  • Development of high technology products to customer’s requirements

Some of the Tooling / Component developments carried out

  • Special deep shoulder mill with throw away carbide inserts
  • Special trepanning tools with head and automatic recessing tools
  • Twin boring head for machining intersecting bores
  • Cam shaft turning and grinding attachments
  • Spherical gas bearing using improvised manufacturing methods
  • Tooling height blocks, sub-plates etc. for CNC machines along with modular fixtures
  • Spectrophotometer for reflectance and transmittance for remote sensing applications
  • Combined precision tilt table (a & b axis) for precision measurement application
  • Plastic injection molding dies
  • Precision ball screws
  • Moulds for TV screen glass
  • Unitized / modular fixture elements
  • Automatic back spot facing tool
  • Thread rolling attachment for lathe


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