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Test rig development

In addition to providing routine laboratory services, we also undertake specialized Design & Development of Test Facilities for Qualification Testing of Industrial & Aerospace Hydraulic Components as per SAE/ISO/Military Standards for products like

Hydraulic Filters

Bypass Valves

Hydraulic Pumps

Heat Exchangers

Engine Oil Tanks

Uplock Assembly

Electro-Hyd. Servo Valves

Gimbal Assembly

Hydraulic Actuators

Fire extinguishers

Special Purpose test rigs developed for testing of Industrial & Aerospace Hydraulic elements

Battery operated Hyd. Rig
Universal Hydraulic Test Rig Hydraulic Actuation System for Cowl Plate
Air Filter Test Rig
Electro Hydraulic Force Exciter

High Temp. Performance Test Rig

Low Temp Performance Test Rig

Multipass Filter Test Rig
Pressure Impulse Test Rig


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