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Tender from April 2018


                       Tenders awarded for the years 2017-18 and 2018-19


TENDER 49 - e-Tender for Upgradation of Mazak H400 Spindle



TENDER 49 - e-Tender for Wika Pressure & Vacuum Transmitters


TENDER 48 - e-Tender for Rosemount smart Temperature Transmitter with Sensor


TENDER 47 - e-Tender for Siemens PLC hardware


TENDER 46 - e-Tender for Manufacture and supply of Hydraulic equipment panel.


TENDER 45 - e-Tender for supply of Analysis of Twin Screw Mixer Extruder using Ximex 3D / Ludovic CFD Simulation software.




TENDER 44 - e-Tender for “Upgradation of Hypermill CAD/CAM”.

                     CAD/CAM Software Specifications.


TENDER 43 - e-Tender for “E Beam Evaporation Pellets”.

                     Technical Specifications for e-Beam evaporation Pellets.


TENDER 42 - e-Tender for supply of Loss-in weight feeders

                     Specification of Loss In Weight Feeder and Accessories.


TENDER 41 - e-Tender for Qualification testing of pump.

                     Scope of work and deliverables.




TENDER 40 - e-Tender for “Supply & Installation of Split Air Conditioners”.

                     Terms and Conditions of Contract.


TENDER 39 - e-Tender for Honing job work for the "Cylinder Block".

                     Terms and conditions for honing Cylinder block.

                     ADDENDUM/CORRIGENDUM -02.


TENDER 38 - e-Tender for "Qualification Testing of Pump".


TENDER 37 - e-Tender for “Gas Distribution System for NMTC”.


TENDER 36 - e-Tender for “ Spares for Rexroth make Hydraulic Powerpack”.


TENDER 35 - e-Tender for “Printing & supply of Monthly periodical (Manufacturing Technology Today – MTT) for the year 2019(JAN-2019 to Dec-2019)”.

                     Technical specification.


TENDER 34 - e-Tender for Granite surface plate.

                     Technical specification of Granite surface plates.


TENDER 33 - Tender for "Open (Global) Tender No: CMTI/K-1315/SS/AEAMT for Supply & Installation of Tally.Server 9 – Data application server                                       software.



TENDER 32 - Tender for "Open (Global)E-Tender No: CMTI/K-1284/SS/DDC/JKP/VM2.5T for Spares for Hydraulic power pack".



TENDER 31 - e-Tender for “ Civil and Electrical works for EBES and DRIES at CMTI Campus”.

                       General Condition.



TENDER 30 - Tender for running of canteen in the institute premises, Advt. No. 04/2019

                       Tender Form


TENDER 29 - Open (Global) E-Tender No: Tender No: CMTI/I-1104/GV/SVT/SG dtd 14.01.2019 for Silicon Wafers and Glass Wafers (Two Cover).


TENDER 28 - Open (Global) E-Tender No: Tender No: CMTI/I-1128/GV/SVT/KN dtd 14.01.2019 - Stainless Steel(SS) and Polypropylene(PP) chemical

                       Storage Cabinets (Two Cover).



TENDER 27 - Open (Global) E-Tender documents for the Tender No: CMTI/I-1180/SHR/SVT/HSKN for Mask Writer.

                       E-Tender Notice


TENDER 26 - Limited E-Tender No: G-857/SS/PMD/NAJ/VPM300 for Manufacture & supply of Hydraulic Equipment Panel.


TENDER 25 - Limited E-Tender No: J-1161/SS/PMD/NAJ/VM2.5T for Manufacture & supply of Base Frame,Bracket, Stand pipe etc.


TENDER 24- Limited E-Tender No: H-932/SS/PMD/NAJ/VM2.5T for Manufacture & supply of Rail Extension.


TENDER 23 - Limited E-Tender No: G-917/BS/PUR/18/GIMY-120 for Manufacture & supply of Console.



TENDER 22 - Limited E-Tender No: G-811/BS/PUR/18/VM4.5T(III) for Manufacture & supply of Oil Chiller.



TENDER 21 - Limited E-Tender No: I-1047/BS/PUR/18/VM4.5T(III) for Fabrication & supply of Water Tank.


TENDER 20 - Limited E-Tender No: I-1039/BS/PUR/18/VM4.5T(III) for Manufacture & supply of Brackets.


TENDER 19 - Limited E-Tender No: I-1026/BS/PUR/18/GIMY-120 for Fabrication & supply of Fixtures.


TENDER 18 - Limited E-Tender No: H-991/BS/PUR/18/VM4.5T(III) for Manufacture & supply of Tray.


TENDER 17 - Limited E-Tender No: J-1163/BS/PUR/18/VM4.5T(III) for Manufacture & supply of Fixtures.


TENDER 16 - Limited E-Tender No: J-1162/BS/PUR/18/VM4.5T(III) for Manufacture & supply of Hydraulic Equipment Panel and Fittings.


TENDER 15 - Limited E-Tender No: F-763/BS/PUR/18/VM4.5T(III) for Manufacture & supply of Stand, Cover etc.


TENDER 14 - e-Tender for “ Closed Loop Water Chiller”.

                       Technical Specifications for closed loop water chiller.



TENDER 13 - e-Tender for “Pfeiffer Vacuum Pump”.

                       Technical Specification for Pfeiffer Vacuum Pump.



TENDER 12 - Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Request for Proposal (RFP) for Converting old Library Building to Technology Treasure at Central                        Manufacturing Technology Institute



TENDER 11 - e-Tender for “Vacuum Oven”.

                       Technical Specification of Vacuum Oven.

                       Acceptance Criteria for Vacuum Oven.


TENDER 10 - e-Tender for “ Spin Coater”..

                       Technical Specification of Spin Coater.

                       Acceptance Criteria for Spin Coater.


TENDER 09 - Limited Tender No. CMTI/PUR/14/2018-19 for Procurement of Wet Bench.

                       Technical Specification for Procurement of Wet Bench


TENDER 08 - e-Tender for “ Arbitary Function Generator & Electronic Components and DC Power Supplies”.

                       Technical Specification for Arbitrary Function Generator

                       Technical Specification for Power Supply


TENDER 07 - e-Tender for “ Thermal Cycling Chamber”.

                       Technical Specifications for Thermal Cycling Chamber.


TENDER 06 - e-Tender for “UV Curing System”. Tender No. CMTI/PUR/13/2018-19

                       Technical Specifications for UV Curing System.


TENDER 05 - e-Tender for“Modernization of Precision Metrology Laboratory (Air-Conditioning works)”. Tender No.CMTI/PUR/09/2018-19

                       Schedule of Tender for Modernization of Precision Metrology Laboratory



TENDER 04 - e-Tender for High Precision Roundness Tester. Tender No. CMTI/PUR/08/2018-19

                       Schedule of Tender for High Precision Roundness Tester


TENDER 03 - e-Tender for Ultra High Precision CMM. Tender No. CMTI/PUR/07/2018-19

                       Schedule of Tender for Ultra High Precision CMM


TENDER 02 - e-Tender for Video Measuring System. Tender No. CMTI/PUR/06/2018-19

                       Schedule of Tender for Video Measuring System


TENDER 01 - e-Tender for High Precision Autocollimator. Tender No. CMTI/PUR/05/2018-19

                       Schedule of Re-Tender for High Precision Autocollimator


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