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Tender from April 2018


                        Tenders awarded for the years 2017-18 and 2018-19


TENDER 09 - Limited Tender No. CMTI/PUR/14/2018-19 for Procurement of Wet Bench.

                       Technical Specification for Procurement of Wet Bench


TENDER 08 - Tender for “ Arbitary Function Generator & Electronic Components and DC Power Supplies”.

                       Technical Specification for Arbitrary Function Generator

                       Technical Specification for Power Supply


TENDER 07 - Tender for “ Thermal Cycling Chamber”.

                       Technical Specifications for Thermal Cycling Chamber.


TENDER 06 - e-Tender for “UV Curing System”. Tender No. CMTI/PUR/13/2018-19

                       Technical Specifications for UV Curing System.


TENDER 05 - e-Tender for“Modernization of Precision Metrology Laboratory (Air-Conditioning works)”. Tender No.CMTI/PUR/09/2018-19

                       Schedule of Tender for Modernization of Precision Metrology Laboratory



TENDER 04 - e-Tender for High Precision Roundness Tester. Tender No. CMTI/PUR/08/2018-19

                       Schedule of Tender for High Precision Roundness Tester


TENDER 03 - e-Tender for Ultra High Precision CMM. Tender No. CMTI/PUR/07/2018-19

                       Schedule of Tender for Ultra High Precision CMM


TENDER 02 - e-Tender for Video Measuring System. Tender No. CMTI/PUR/06/2018-19

                       Schedule of Tender for Video Measuring System


TENDER 01 - e-Tender for High Precision Autocollimator. Tender No. CMTI/PUR/05/2018-19

                       Schedule of Re-Tender for High Precision Autocollimator


by Dr. Radut.