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Technology Transfer

Products developed by CMTI and available for Technology Transfer to Industries

  1.  Ultra Precision Turning Machine (Nanoshape T250)

    Nanoshape T250 is a highly stiff & Precision Turning machine, developed by CMTI, capable of Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) & Ultra precision hard turning equipped with state of the art technologies for producing non-ferrous, ferrous and IR material components with optical quality surface finish (surface finish in the order of few nanometers and form accuracy in sub-micron range). The Nano level surface finishes achieved on components are in the magnitude of ≤ 2 nm Ra. The machine has excellent static, dynamic and thermal behaviour and has accuracies in order of nanometres.

    For more details, click Ultra Precision Turning Machine (Nanoshape T250)

    CMTI invites Expression of Interest (EOI) for Transfer of Technology “Ultra Precision Diamond Turning Machine, (Nanoshape T250)”

    "Advt.No.13/2018: Technology Transfer of Ultra Precision Diamond Turning Machine, T250: Date and time of issue and submission of RFQ Documents extended" - Corrigendum dated 7th January 2019".

  2.   Abrasive Flow Finishing Machine (AFFM-150D)

    AFFM-150D is a Non-traditional super finishing technology developed by CMTI, The machine is capable of finishing, deburring and polishing complex and difficult to finish precision components. The process involves extruding an Abrasive filled semisolid media through a work piece passage.

    For more details, click Abrasive Flow Finishing Machine (AFFM-150D)

  3.  Ultra precision Hydrostatic slide (Nano Slideway HS 200)

    The vast experience of CMTI in the field of Ultra precision engineering led us to the development of Hydrostatic Bearing based Nano-slideway. Nano slideway delivers excellent performance in linear motion with very high stiffness & damping, ideally suited for ultra precision turning, milling, boring & grinding applications.

    For more details, click Nano Slideway HS 200

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