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Technology Transfer

New Products developed by CMTI and available for Technology Transfer to Industries

  1.  Ultra Precision Turning Machine (Nanoshape T250)

    Nanoshape T250 is a highly stiff & Precision Turning machine, developed by CMTI, capable of Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) & Ultra precision hard turning equipped with state of the art technologies for producing non-ferrous, ferrous and IR material components with optical quality surface finish (surface finish in the order of few nanometers and form accuracy in sub-micron range). The Nano level surface finishes achieved on components are in the magnitude of ≤ 2 nm Ra. The machine has excellent static, dynamic and thermal behaviour and has accuracies in order of nanometres.

    For more details, click Ultra Precision Turning Machine (Nanoshape T250)

by Dr. Radut.