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WORK AT CMTI, Bengaluru


CMTI welcomes students of professional colleges to carry out project work as part of their course requirements. The following guidelines apply for the applications.

  • Evaluation and acceptance of students seeking project work with CMTI will be strictly based on merit and aptitude as per CMTI’s selection criteria.
  • Decision of student project committee in selection of the candidate and allocation of Project is final.
  • R & D Project Streams offered by CMTI to the student community for the academic year are given herewith. List of specific projects is provided for the benefit of students. Student project List

Each Student should apply for a specific project among the projects offered based on his/her interest and experience (Refer to the project streams and list of projects).

  • The student may be offered an alternate project different from the one he has applied, depending on CMTI’s requirement.
  • Students/colleges can apply for the projects through the Head of the Institution / Head of the Department.
  • Students are required to send a hard copy of the application containing their Bio-Data, Summary of marks obtained right from Pre-University, Projects carried out and their topics of interest.
  • An internal guide from the college should necessarily be identified. The active participation of the internal guide in the execution, evaluation and co-ordination of the project is absolutely essential.
  • From among the applicants, suitable students meeting the project requirements are evaluated and selected for executing the project.
  • The selected students will carryout project work under the supervision of their internal Guide and CMTI Guide.
  • The progress of the project work will be jointly evaluated at regular intervals by CMTI and the Internal Guides through project progress presentations by the students.
  • The students should submit the PROJECT REPORT (two copies) at the end of the project completion, duly signed by the Internal Guide & CMTI Guide and the Principal / HOD of their institution to CMTI and obtain a project completion certificate.
  • Project Completion Certificate will be issued based only on satisfactory completion of the project (meeting of set goals as decided at the project initiation) and the attendance of the students.
  • Regular attendance is required at CMTI during the period of the project work. Attendance will be monitored and periodically reported to their guide / college
  • The students should take up the Membership of CMTI NICMAP Library, at the prescribed Membership Fees, before the commencement of the project work.
  • Design Rights, Copyrights, IPR of documents/programs etc. generated as part of the project will be the exclusive property of CMTI. It is mandatory for the Students / Colleges accepting the project work in CMTI to sign a document accepting and agreeing to the above conditions.
  • Students should obtain written permission from CMTI before publishing/presenting papers based on the project work carried out at CMTI.

Students are not entitled for any stipend or compensation for the project work.

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