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Sensors and Vision Technology


  • Assist Indian Industry in factory automation, robotics, performance enhancement of products / systems and allied integration activities using Controls, Drives and Sensors
  • To provide MEMS Sensor Design, Fabrication, Characterisation, Packaging facilities
  • Offer measurement solutions (Dimensional / Defect) using Machine Vision Technology to the user industry
  • Training programs on PLC / CNC Controllers, Machine Vision Technology, MEMS Sensor and its applications
  • Opportunities for industries and academia to undertake applied R&D in collaboration with  CMTI



  • Design facility with expertise to design and develop
    • Hydraulics / Pneumatics System
    • Electronic Control System
    • Robotics and Part Handling System
    • Sensor Integration with Data Acquisition and Virtual Instrumentation
  • Machine Vision laboratory with
    • Range of Cameras, Different types of Lightings and High Precision Optics
    • Brightfield microscope with nano positioning stages
    • Software tools for automation solution and image processing
  • MEMS Sensor
    • MEMS Devices (sensors and actuators) Design, Analysis and Simulation facilities using Coventorware Software
    • MEMS device Fabrication facility with PECVD, FIB Lithography System
    • MEMS device Characterisation facility with Optical Profiler, Atomic Force Microscope, Ellipsometer, Confocal Microscopes and FIB + FESEM Dual System


Activity profile of SVT includes development of

  • Vision based solutions to industries
  • Expertise in Drives and Control to
    • Design & Development of stand-alone Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which include both Hardware and Software
    • Development of Soft PLC (PC based)
    • Design and Development Embedded Controllers for Factory Automation Applications
    • Interfacing / Retrofitting of CNC/ PLC with various kinds of CNC Machine and Special Purpose Machines (SPM)
    • Consultancy in Selection of CNC Controllers for Machine Tool Applications
  • Integration of MEMS sensors for automation solution using data acquisition and Virtual Instrumentation
  • Acquisition and analysis of machine tool vibration data using different types and ranges of MEMS Accelerometers
  • Acquisition and analysis of machine tool temperature using pyrometer


Research projects currently under progress are

  1. 3D Automated Visual Inspection System
  2. Determination of nano-scale feature dimensions using imaging tool.
  3. Real-time Measurement of Machine Tool Vibration for Adaptive Control
  4. Design and development of Abrasive Flow Finish machine
  5. Development of Nano Resolution Non-contact type MEMS/NEMS Parallel plate Capacitive Displacement sensor with signal conditioner suitable for Machine tool applications
  6. MEMS Sensor for the Measurement of Machine Tool Slide Thermal Deformation / Spindle growth
  7. Development of Nano Resolution MEMS/NEMS Force Sensor with signal conditioner suitable for Machine tool applications



Contact: S.Usha,Joint Director Shanmugaraj V ,HOD
E-mail : usha.cmti@nic.in shanmugaraj.cmti@nic.in


by Dr. Radut.