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Sensors and Vision Technology

Our Objective

  • Assist Indian Industry in factory automation, robotics, performance enhancement of products / systems and allied integration activities using Controls, Drives and Sensors
  • To acquire and assimilate Sensor development and manufacturing technologies
  • To provide MEMS Sensor Design, Fabrication, Characterization, Packaging facilities
  • Offer measurement solutions (Dimensional / Defect) using Machine Vision Technology to the user industry
  • Training programs on PLC / CNC Controllers, Machine Vision Technology, MEMS Sensor and its applications
  • Opportunities for industries and academia to undertake applied R&D in collaboration with CMTI



  • Design facility with expertise to design and develop
    • Hydraulics / Pneumatics System
    • Electronic Control System
    • Robotics and Part Handling System
    • Sensor Integration with Data Acquisition and Virtual Instrumentation
  • Machine Vision laboratory with
    • Range of Cameras, Different types of Lightings and High Precision Optics
    • Brightfield microscope with nano positioning stages
    • Software tools for automation solution and image processing
  • Sensors Development Facilities
    • MEMS Devices (sensors and actuators) Design, Analysis and Simulation facilities using FEM design tools.
    • Frond end and back end Signal conditioning design facility using Cadence Software
    • MEMS device Fabrication facility with Lithography, Deposition and Etching systems.
    • 2D and Advanced Micro-system packaging Facilities with dicing, wire bonding flip-chip bonding, Seam Sealing/ Encapsulation system.
    • MEMS device Characterization facility with Bond tester, Leak detector, Wafer probe station and X-Ray inspection system.


Activity profile of SVT includes development of

  • Vision based solutions to industries
  • Expertise in Drives and Control to
    • Design & Development of stand-alone Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which include both Hardware and Software
    • Development of Soft PLC (PC based)
    • Design and Development Embedded Controllers for Factory Automation Applications
    • Interfacing / Retrofitting of CNC/ PLC with various kinds of CNC Machine and Special Purpose Machines (SPM)
    • Consultancy in Selection of CNC Controllers for Machine Tool Applications
  • Integration of MEMS sensors for automation solution using data acquisition and Virtual Instrumentation
  • A cost effective and portable Machine Health Management System (MHMS) for machine tools
  • Process and technology establishment for MEMS Design, fabrication , Characterization and packaging


Research projects currently under progress are

  1. 3D Automated Visual Inspection System
  2. Determination of nano-scale feature dimensions using imaging tool.
  3. Development of Micro capacitive pressure sensor, its packaging and characterization
  4. Machine Health Management system
  5. Technology establishment for Flip chip bonding of IR Detector array
  6. Advanced packaging of RF MEMS switch,
  7. Polymer device fabrication
  8. Process establishment for 2D and advanced packaging
  9. Design and development of MEMS sensors and its signal condition circuit for Machine tool applications



Contact: S.Usha,Joint Director Shanmugaraj V ,HOD
E-mail : usha[dot]cmti[at]nic[dot]in shanmugaraj[dot]cmti[at]nic[dot]in


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