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Special Purpose Machines

A brief list of New products / solutions designed and developed by CMTI for diverse clientele.

  • Centreless Grinding Machine
  • CNC Cylindrical Grinding & Surface Grinding machines
  • CNC Keystone Piston Ring Grinding Machine
  • CNC Broach Sharpening Machine
  • CNC Piston Ring Finish Turning & Grooving Machine
  • Centreless Bar Turning Machine
  • Large Facing & Taper Boring Machine (for diameters upto 3.2m)
  • Large Line Boring Machine (for diameters upto 0.6m)
  • Parallel Kinematics Machine
  • Toolings for Pressure Vessels
  • Leading Edge Slat Actuators
  • Trimming Machine
  • Flexible Inspection Systems / Multi-gauging systems with data capture & report generation
  • CNC Controller
  • Flow Forming machine





Toolings for Pressure Vessels


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