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Product Development

(1) Ultrasonic Reference Blocks

Ultrasonic Reference Blocks are required for Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and calibration of ultrasonic flaw detectors. The reference blocks have precisely drilled flat bottom holes (FBH) of different diameters and depths depending on the allowable level of flaws to be detected. The reference blocks are made of super alloys like Titanium, Nickel, etc., and have flat bottom as per ASTM standards. CMTI has developed these Reference Masters and supplied to various industries




(2) Artefacts

CMTI has developed artefacts-Master Spheres used as artefacts in calibration of measuring instruments like Roundness Tester, Coordinate Measuring Machines, etc. They are also used as bearings in ultra-precision machines like Diamond Turning Machine. A precision hemi sphere of 20 mm radius was developed at CMTI to an accuracy of ± 0.06 mm.






(3) Hyperbolic feed rollers

CMTI has developed hyperbolic feed rollers for bearing and automotive industries. The rollers are used as feeding mechanisms and super-finishing operations of gudgeon pins and bearing rollers. The profile accuracy of the hyperbolic feed rollers is within 10 µm with matched pairs.







(4) Master Cylinders
Master cylinders are used for calibration of Roundness Testing equipments. The geometrical accuracies like straightness, cylindricity and squareness are within 5 µm








(5) Feed Rollers
The feed rollers are used for automatic feeding of rollers in honing and stone lapping machines. Feed Rollers are used in bearing industry for the manufacture of crowned-rollers.The rollers are made of high carbon high chromium steel with a hardness of 60-62 HRc. The profiled pair of rollers has high geometrical accuracy in the order of 5 µm and their surface quality in the order of 0.4µm over a length of 500 mm.


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