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Patent Database

Patent Information Services

  • Patent databases with full text and bibliographic information is available for providing information services on patents published world-wide.

Value Added Patent Information Services AT NICMAP, CMTI
Patent information is an important source of technical and scientific Knowledge. New technology is most often published first in patent literature. Recognizing the need for such an information service to the engineering sector, NICMAP at CMTI has established the ‘Value Added Patent Information Services'.
Coverage: US, European and World patents databases.
On-line Patent Search Service: The above services are offered by making on-line searches on the databases available through various national databases.

Patent Awareness Programmes: Programmes will be conducted on  request from the Institutions/Organisation at their premises
All are welcome to utilize the services of the VAPIS centre for the benefit of their organizations. The services are offered at following cost:
1. Copies of patents (full text)

  1. Patent documents available in-house ( Rs.300 per patent )
  2. Patent documents to be procured from outside sources(cost + 20%)

2. On-line patent search service

  1. Trend Reports                                   
  2. Customised awareness service
  3. Comprehensive search service      
  4. Other value added services
Cost depends on
value addition



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