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Nano Manufacturing Technology Centre

CMTI is establishing a Nano Manufacturing Technology Centre (NMTC) under the Planned Project as a part of Nano Technology Initiative at its existing location in Bengaluru. NMTC is being setup with an objective of propagating Nano Manufacturing Technology in Indian industries.



  • Propagating and facilitating absorption of nano technology in the manufacturing domain in Indian Industry
  • To enable Indian manufacturing Industries to be globally competitive in Nano Manufacturing



The Nano Manufacturing Technology Centre is being established with the following core objectives:

  • Create Nano Fabrication and Nano Metrology facilities
  • Develop Nano products and Nano Control systems
  • Enable the interested Indian manufacturing sector to undertake Nano integrated manufacturing
  • Provide a platform for industry and academia to undertake R&D in Nano integrated manufacturing.
  • Provide services to industries in Nano Manufacturing Technology Areas
  • Knowledge sharing through training programmes in areas of Nano  Manufacturing Technology




Contact:  Dr. N Balashanmugam, Joint Director Prakash Vinod,HOD
E-mail : balashanmugam[dot]cmti[at]nic[dot]in prakashv[dot]cmti[at]nic[dot]in


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