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Metallurgical laboratory has facility for carrying out the following tests


  1. Tensile testing (UTS, YS, % Elongation) using 20 ton capacity UTM
  2. Hardness measurement for all scales (HRC, HRA,HRB, Vickers, Brinnel, Micro Vickers, Portable hardness tester for big jobs)
  3. Microstructure analysis (Case depth, grain size, inclusion rating)
  4. Failure analysis.


In addition to the above tests, metallurgy laboratory also Manufactures and Supplies Reference Hardness Blocks (Calibrated by NPL)


  1. 250/-
  1. 100/- per sample
  1. 550/- per sample per parameterif all the parameters in sample 550+250+250
  1. Failure analysis(on case to case basis) min 2500/-

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