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An annual membership scheme is introduced to assure faster and effective services to the users.


Who can be Members - Membership is open to Metalworking, manufacturing and other engineering Industries, R&D Organisations, Academic Institutions and Consultants who seek information in the field of Manufacturing Technology.


Duration – One year from the date of enrolment.

A separate membership scheme is available for students.


Membership Fee

Inland: Rs.3000/ -Per Annum (Rs.2000/- for Academic Institutions and Rs.1500/- for Individuals)
Overseas: US$ 350/- Per Annum


Privileges for Members

•  Manufacturing Technology Today 12 Issues
•  Bibliographic References and Addresses of Manufacturers / Suppliers 1000 Nos.
•  Photocopies of Documents 200 Pages
•  Participation in AGM of CMTI Society Yes
•  Annual Report of CMTI Yes
•  Access to NICMAP Library Yes
•  CMTI Publications 10% Discount on Rates of all CMTI Publications
•  Patent Information 10% Discount on the cost of all Patent Information services
•  Advertisement in CMTI Publications 10% Discount on the prescribed rates
•  Concession in the fees to participate in Seminars / Conferences / Training courses wherever applicable


Rates for Services*


Rates for Indian Users Rates for Foreign Users
1. Manufacturing Technology Today
Rs.1000/- per annum US $ 100/- per annum for subscription by Surface Mail US $ 125/- per annum for subscription by Airmail
2. Photocopies
Rs.50/- upto 10 pages and Rs.5/- per additional page US $5 per document upto 10 pages US $ 1 per additional page
3. Addresses of Manufacturers
Rs.100/- upto 10 addresses and Rs.10/- per additional address US $ 10 upto 10 addresses and US $ 1 per additional address
4. Bibliographic References
Rs.100/- upto 10 references and Rs.10/- for every additional reference US $ 10 upto 10 references and US $ 1 per additional reference



Application Form for CMTI Membership, MTT Subscription and Student Member (Library)


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