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Machine tool testing

Machine tool testing is an essential phase of activity of machine tool development to ensure accuracy, productivity, safety and reliability of machine tools.
CMTI undertakes:

  • Prototype Testing of machine tools to verify, investigate / analyze and provide solutions to achieve the product quality before releasing the design for series production.
  • Pre-purchase inspection of CNC machine as well as conventional machine on behalf of users at manufacturers'/users/ premises as an acceptance criterion to ensure that supply meets user's pecifications
  • Machine Inspection to identify the scope of reconditioning and assessment during/after reconditioning

Test Facilities:

  • A well laid out test floor to provide a rigid foundation for clamping and leveling machines under test.
  • Laser interferometer and related optics for positioning geometric accuracy measurements.
  • Interpolator tester to verify accuracy of circular interpolation.
  • Accelerometers, microphones and data recorders, multichannel, analysers for noise and vibration measurement, analysis and mitigation.
  • Force & Torque transducers, UV recorders, for recording time varient signals.
  • Vibration tester to inspect the running quality of antifriction bearings.

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