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Machine Vision


  • Develop State of the Art for Machine Vision Technology
  • Apply Machine Vision for Industrial Automation to enhance product quality, operational safety and reliability.


  • Range of Cameras to cater highly accurate measurements, high speed inspection and Defect Identification in the Visible and Infrared regions.
  • Different types of Lightings to cater to components of varied colors and reflectivity.
  • High Precision Optics like Telecentric , High Resolution and High Speed lenses
  • Brightfield Microscope with Nano Positioning Stages
  • Software tools for Automation Solution and Image Processing.

Machine Vision based solutions for

  • 2D/ 3D Dimensional Metrology
  • Surface Defect Inspection
  • Vision for Nano Metrology
  • Robot Guidance and Vision Assisted Assembly
  • Part Identification for bin pick & place / sorting

Research Projects


Our Strength

Custom design suitable hardware and software to suit various industrial requirements of precision measurements, defect inspections, sorting, pick and place, sensor integration etc to provide a complete automation solution.


1.Building of an automated vision based defect inspection and dimensional measurement system for a plastic injection mould component   Defect / Dimension Inspection System for critical auto component
  • Inspection of safety critical component with complex shape.
  • Various types of defects occurring on a plastic injection mould component detected.
  • Accurate dimensional measurements performed for good components.


2.External Screw Thread Measurement using Machine Vision   External Screw Thread Measurement
  • The most important parameters of the screw thread namely the major diameter, PCD, pitch and flank angle measured.
  • An accuracy of ±7µm achieved.



3. Inspection of a Flexure for its Dimensions and Defects.   Inspection of Flexure for dimension / defect
  • Inspection system for dimensional measurements and surface defects.
  • Measurement accuracy: 50 µm
  • Inspection Rate: 350 ms/ component



4. 3D Visionfor Dimensional Measurement/ Surface Inspection   Depth Measurement using structured light
  • Research to develop techniques for 3D measurement.
  • 3D Surface Inspection using different direct and indirect lighting techniques.



5. Nano Feature Identification using Imaging Technique   Vision for Nano Feature Identification
  • Extendingthe application of Machine Vision into the area of Nano Metrology
  • Evolving methods to transform conventional optical microscopes to perform nano measurements and analysis.
  • The Hardware includes Vision Processor, Optics, Camera and Lighting for the specific application
  • Software includes the image processing and image analysis specific to the application


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