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Fluid Power

The fluid power lab provides testing services in the field of Hydraulics. In addition to providing routine laboratory services, we undertake specialised activities such as:


  • Qualification testing of Aerospace Hydraulic Elements.
    • Pressure Impulse Testing of Aerospace hydraulic elements as per SAE ARP 1383
    • Qualification Testing of Aerospace Hydraulic Components as per Military Standards.
    • Testing of Aerospace hydraulic elements for its Low temperature storage and performance, High temperature storage and performance and endurance test.  


  • Testing services in the field of Industrial Hydraulic Elements.
    • Performance Test of Industrial pumps, control valves, cylinders etc
    • Thermal Performance test, Endurance test, ageing test, thermal shock test etc.
    • Characterisation of Industrial hydraulic elements.
    • Hydrostatic pressure testing.
    • Pressure cycling test on hydraulic elements.
    • Cold / hot soak and performance test on hydraulic elements.
    • Validation of oil/fuel filter performance by Multipass or single pass method, dirt holding capacity, collapse rating etc.


  • Laboratory services.
    • Measurement of oil contamination level by particle count (ISO 4406 & NAS 1638)
    • Component cleanliness level checking
    • Calibration of Pressure gauges.
    • Supply of calibration fluid
    • Supply of ultra-clean bottles 

Universal Test Rig Multipass Filter Test Rig Automatic Particle Counter
Pressure Impulse Test Rig
High Temp Performance Test Rig
Low Temp Performance Test Rig


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