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Condition Monitoring

CMTI assists industries to adapt modern maintenance strategies based on condition monitoring since 1984. Of late, Services of Lubrication Oil health monitoring in machinery with portable analysers 'in situ' is being offered to the industries to move from traditional preventive to predictive and proactive maintenance regimens. The used oil analysis approach monitors the health of the lubricant medium which would deteriorate first, far before the onset of material damage in machinery. This is a 'root cause' approach which sets cleanliness targets for production systems which in turn help to extend the MEAN TIME BEFORE FAILURE (MTBF) of machinery. The approach is the technology part of the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) philosophy being propagated for TQM.
The technique is used in predicting the failures at incipient stage and monitoring their growth and to take appropriate maintenance action before unacceptable levels are reached and thereby avoiding catastrophic failures of costly and critical machinery.

  • Spindles Of Machine Tools And SPMs With Precision Class Bearings
  • Large Electrical Motors
  • Gearboxes, Generators, Compressors
  • Hydraulic Elements Such As Hydraulic Motors And Pumps


Technique: Machine condition is monitored by periodic vibration energy trending and spectral evaluation.
Onset of failure of machine elements such as bearings, gears and couplings, change in machine condition such as alignment, unbalance etc., can be precisely monitored which will help in taking proper corrective actions. This in turn results in reduction in maintenance effort, enforcing need based maintenance, increased machine availability time, and reduced cost of spares and reduction of spares inventory.
Consultancy is also offered to industries, apart from services on annual contract basis, to help them to institute and adapt these new maintenance technologies and strategies


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