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Assembly and Testing

CMTI undertakes:

  • Process capability studies on machines to establish machine capability process capability index.
  • Inspection of machines in production to ensure sustenance of product quality
  • Machine Inspection to identify the scope of reconditioning and assessment during/after reconditioning
  • Consultancy in solving accuracy, Functional, Vibration etc., related problems associated with new and in use machine tools.

Test Facilities:

  • A well laid out test floor to provide a rigid foundation for clamping and leveling machines under test.
  • Autocollimator and polygon mirror for measurement of indexing accuracy.
  • Interpolator tester to verify accuracy of circular interpolation.
  • A precision metrology laboratory with state-of-art equipment for measurement of dimensional and form errors.
  • Vibration tester to inspect the running quality of antifriction bearings.
  • Hydraulic (servo and contamination control), electrical and electronic laboratories




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