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About Us

'Central Manufacturing Technology Institute', CMTI, is a Research & Development organisation focusing on providing 'Technology Solutions' to the manufacturing sector and assisting technological growth in the country. CMTI plays a key role in applied research, design and development (RD&D), technology forecasting, assimilation and dissemination of manufacturing technology to Indian industries.


CMTI is a registered Government of India Society, an autonomous institution under the administrative control of the Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Government of India, governed by a Governing Council which has representation from the machine tool manufacturing and user industries, the Union Government and the Government of Karnataka. The Governing Council evolves Policies and monitors policy deployment. A Research Advisory Board (RAB), a Technical Committee with representatives from industries and academia, assists the institute on matters relating to technology advancement.


The Stakeholders of CMTI are

  • Government of India
  • Industries at large in all sectors (both private and public) - specifically manufacturing and user industries.


CMTI over  the last five decades developed Special Purpose Machines, Inspection Systems, Test Rigs for Qualification testing of products, Tooling, complex machined parts for public and private sectors.


CMTI has continuously aligned its facilities and expertise with the fast changing technology in thrust areas of manufacturing to supprort and serve the manufacturing sector. Nanotechnology, Precision engineering, Metrology (Micro and Nano), Additive Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Vision and Image processing, Digital Design, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Human Resource Development( creating 'Industry Ready' engineers) are the current areas of focus of the Institute.



To Support Industries to Achieve Excellence in Technology and Stimulate Economic Growth


Mission :
We Will

  • Achieve Technological Leadership

  • Achieve Excellence in Quality of Products and Service

  • Establish a Dynamic, flexible and result oriented organizational structure

  • Achieve organizational excellence through transparent, professional management system

  • Achieve financial self-sufficiency

  • Train, Motivate and provide Growth oriented environment to employees

We believe In

  • Our people being our Greatest Assets
  • Mutual trust Building
  • Open Mindness
  • Effective and Open Communications
  • Team Work and Team Spirit
  • Participative, Co-operative Work Culture
  • Passion for Quality
  • Attention to Detail
  • Optimal use of Resources
  • Prompt Response to Customer Needs

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