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 Abrasive Flow Finishing Machine (AFFM-150D)

1.Overview: AFFM-150D is a Non-traditional super finishing technology developed by CMTI, The machine is capable of finishing, deburring and polishing complex and difficult to finish precision components. The process involves extruding an Abrasive filled semisolid media through a workpiece passage. The machine is an ergonomic; user friendly, easy maintenance design with a PLC based HMI controlled system and economically viable alternate for micro and nano finishing. AFFM-150D is equipped with state of the art technologies for finishing components with complex geometry (internal & external) with surface roughness of nanometer. The Nano level surface finishes achieved on components are in the magnitude of ≤ 50 nm Ra*. The machine can be applied to a wide range of finishing operations that will provide uniform, repeatable, predictable results.

2. Salient Features

  • Finish / Deburring ID and OD of components
  • Radiusing of sharp edges
  • Finishes inaccessible areas & complex internal passages
  • Independent Slide configuration
  • Temperature control unit for abrasive laden polymer media cylinder
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple passages

3. Major Specifications:



Maximum component size that can be finished

Up to 150mm Diameter x 300mm Length

Hydraulic Pressure Range

15 to 100bar

Media Cylinder Bore Diameter


Media Piston Stroke



PLC & HMI Based


Visco-elastic abrasive laden polymer

Surface finish on SS

50nm Ra


  • Aerospace Components
  • Extrusion Dies and Moulds
  • Precision Mechanical Components
  • Medical Implants
  • Automotive Components
  • Removal of EDM thermal recast layers

    *For detailed information, kindly refer the Product Brochure of AFFM-150D

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